Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc. is committed to providing families and their children with the tools to live stronger, more productive lives, – thus enriching the communities in which they live. 
Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc. (RMSC) offers well-integrated services in three core areas: behavioral health, education, and supportive housing.

Founded in 1964, RMSC is a leader in service delivery. Throughout our 50-year history we have balanced addressing issues of national concern, including homelessness, education, mental health and urban revitalization.

As we move into our sixth decade, we want to enhance and extend services within our core areas – and even venture into new areas – while remaining affordable and accessible.

Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc (RMSC) believes in the importance of Respect: expecting it, giving it, and fostering it among our participants and staff.

Our services are designed to strengthen and empower participants, who will in turn build resilient and empowered communities.

We strive for accessibility, making certain that our services are available to all who need them.

Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc. (RMSC) emerged out of the social changes of the 1960s, when poverty, racial inequality, and urban unrest were at the forefront of public debate. In December of 1963, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) proposed creation of a new organization to serve the Roxbury and North Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston. Based on the model of the 19th-century settlement house, this organization would offer a range of services “integrated and managed under one roof with one administrative structure.” RSMC was incorporated the following year and operated out of the ABCD offices while securing its own building. RMSC opened its doors at 317 Blue Hill Avenue on January 3, 1965.

At first, RMSC functioned on a case-by-case basis, with an emphasis on serving families. The organization provided case work, employment, housing, legal, and mental health services. Specific programs included a summer camp, reading lab, counseling, and housing for the homeless.

While continuing to offer these services, RMSC broadened its scope in the late 1960s. It organized block associations to focus on neighborhood improvement. It also led the way in education reform. As a founding member of the Task Force on Children Out of School (now Massachusetts Advocates for Children), RMSC fought for the passage of Chapter 766 (1975), which “guarantees the right of young people with special needs to an educational program best suited to their needs.” The Task Force also had a direct impact on the passage of the nation’s first bi-lingual education law (1971).

RMSC became known as a hub of social activism. Many staff members went on to become leaders in Boston and beyond. RMSC also played a pivotal role in forming La Alianza Hispania, a multi-service center devoted to Roxbury’s Latino population. In 1974, RMSC collaborated with other community organizations to aid parents and students during the violent aftermath of federally ordered desegregation of the Boston Public School System.

In the 2000s, RMSC re-evaluated its approach, returning to its original philosophy of focusing on the specific needs of children and families. It now runs three facilities, each concentrating on a different area of service: education, behavioral health, and housing. These three areas of service are vitally interconnected.

In the near future, we hope to add an arts component to our education programming. Encouraging creativity and self-expression will enhance social development of our young participants.

Shirley Good, Administrative Healthcare Assistant
Aida Hampton, IHT Coordinator
Carole Montgomery, Executive Director
Dr. Patricia Zamor, Clinical Director

Board of Trustees
Carole Montgomery, President
Paulette M. Jones, Vice President
Vicentè Vina, Treasurer
Helen Credle, Clerk/Secretary

Clinical Services Team
Edgar Acosta
Daryl Elow
Ruth Fogle
Ricardo Franks
Clarence Gonsalves

Daniel Janey
Vanisa Jenkins
Eric Johnson
Sonyia Johnson
Carline Louiaza

Charles Matthews
Nia Sue Mitchum
Gil Rivera

Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD)
Boston College
The Boston Foundation
Boston Public Health Commission
Facing Cancer Together
Higginson/Lewis K-8 School
Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)
Massachusetts Department of Children and Families
Neighborhood Health Plan
Network Health
Northeastern University
Springfield College
Timothy Smith Network
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