Behavioral Health Clinic

321 Blue Hill Avenue

Roxbury Multi-Servince Center, Inc. (RMSC) Behavioral Health Clinic provides case management services for children, youth, and families living in the Greater Boston area. Our programs predominantly focus on supporting families and individuals in transition or crisis.

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Substance Abuse, Trauma focus, Anger Management support groups for teens and adults. For more information contact Nia Sue Mitchum, LICSW 617-541-6859

Family Nurturing Program

This program provides families with effective communication strategies. Parents and the children in their household between the ages of 5 and 11 attend 15 group counseling sessions that explore topics such as negative triggers and positive techniques for responding before a crisis erupts.

In Home Therapy (IHT)

IHT helps stabilize the families of children (ages 4 – 18) who are at risk of out-of-home placement or who are transitioning from psychiatric hospitalizations or residential facilities. The IHT team meets with the child and his or her family at least once a week over several months during the course of treatment.

Therapeutic Mentoring Program (TM)

Working in concert with other services, TM helps youth (teens and young adults) improve everyday functioning skills. A TM mentor meets with the client at least once a week for about three months to prevent an out-of-home placement or to successfully transition home from a psychiatric hospitalizations or residential facility.

Community Support Program (CSP)

Individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse issues can attend this voluntary program for three to six months. Intended to complement other services, CSP is flexible in supporting clients’ treatment choices. The program’s focus on building support helps reduce time spent at an inpatient facility.

Intensive Adolescent and Family Support (IAFS)

IAFS provides focused one-on-one clinical support for adolescents (ages 13 to 17)  under the guidance of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Adolescence is a turbulent time of life for anyone, but children from at-risk households tend to demonstrate low self-esteem, poor social skills, truancy, poor school performance, and mental health challenges. An IAFS clinician works closely with each participant, meeting three times a week over six months to provide support, advocacy, and mentorship.

Multicultural Cancer Support Group

Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. NO COST to participants.

Cancer Support Group for people with cancer living in Urban Boston.

Living with cancer can be a terrifying and lonely experience, especially for people living in urban Boston. This weekly support group provides a safe space for participants share the challenges they face, compare coping strategies, and find comfort and companionship.

Provides weekly support, a safe space where people with cancer can meet others facing similar challenges, comfort, companionship and learn new ways to cope.

Professionally run by a licensed clinician with psycho-oncology experience.

For more information, call 617-332-5777. 24 Hour Response.

Multicultural Cancer Networking Group

People newly diagnosed with cancer are welcome to attend this monthly group. Participants meet others facing similar challenges and learn about options for support and care.

Provided in partnership with Facing Cancer Together.
For more information, call 617-332-5777.