Who We Serve

Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc. (RMSC) serves children, adolescents, and their families within the communities surrounding our three locations. We’ve designed our behavioral health, education, and housing programs to respond to participants’ needs where resources are most effective.

Our facilities are interlinked so that residents of RMSC Family House can access our behavioral health and educational programs and services. Staff members from the different facilities are in close contact, providing support to participants and each other.


  • We provide case management services for children, youth, adults, and families living in the Greater Boston area. Our programs predominantly focus on supporting families and individuals in transition or crisis.

  • We offer integrated, collaborative learning experiences to children and adolescents. Many of our programs emphasize technology, research, and communications with an overall goal of enriching and advancing the lives of our participants.

  • Safe and affordable housing has always been a priority for Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc. (RMSC). Since our inception, RMSC has been a guiding force and advocate of housing rehabilitation programs and safe neighborhood initiatives. The new RMSC Family House, opening in 2015, demonstrates our continued commitment to building healthy neighborhoods.

Photographs: Tony Irving Photography | © 2024 Roxbury Multi Service Center, Inc.